Terms & conditions

When students are having trouble with their schoolwork, they may turn to theassignmentexpert.co.uk, an academic platform designed to assist them. Our commitment to excellence in service delivery is unwavering. We always follow our rules, so before making an order, we ask that you read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined below. If there is a rule violation, there will be severe consequences.

Defining Some Key Concepts
  • The request status indicates the current stage of the demand process.
  • A "Revision" is a variant of the main Product that the Customer has supplied with certain modifications.
  • The term "Support" refers to the section of the Company's evolving architecture in charge of providing vital aid and coordinating the Order tactic.
  • When we talk about the "Quality Assurance Department," we're referring to the section of the legal framework of the Company responsible for conducting an essential check and survey of the product and organization in question.
  • The 'Confirmation Process' refers to the steps Customer must do to prove he is the one who should be charged.
Payment Policy

Credit cards and internet banking are accepted methods of payment. Any other kind of payment is not accepted. We take great care to ensure the security of our payment system at all times.

Revision Policy

If the writer makes a mistake in the first instructions, they will be given many opportunities to fix the problem at no additional cost. If the client has additional demands or wants anything more, an addendum will be sent and billed separately.

Refund Policy

In the event that any of the following do not apply:

  • For some reason, we were unable to complete your paper in time.
  • If you cancel before we begin working on your purchase, we will return your payment in full.
  • If you fail due to our work and show us actual failure report and remarks of the instructor about our work.